Over the past couple of weeks I have been fooling around with Google’s gesture based keyboard.
Initially, I was very skeptical about its performance and put off using it for months, but within a couple of days testing, have changed my mind.

Using the swipe technique to glide near letters fails me less than 10% of the time and has increased my texting speeds dramatically. It is super simple to use also, but I will say that you need a good understanding of the querty keyboard to get the most from it. That is because if you want to be fast, you need to know in real-time where the next letter is and if your finger is pressed against the screen, it might be hard to search for it. For me, it has been an interesting shift from using the keyboard with 10 fingers to using it with only one.

I suggest everyone give this a concerted effort (not just once or twice, but for a week or two), since I think most folks will be pleasantly surprised by its efficiency and ease of use.

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