Amazon Fresh left me feeling dirty…

From Day 1, I knew it wouldn’t last.

Included in our first order was milk, eggs, frozen pizza, bread and coffee. For an order that would require around 3 or 4 reusable bags (maybe less) at the grocery store down the block, our order consisted of six of the bags pictured below. If that was all there was, it would be fine since those bags and the inside foam-packaging are picked up and reused by Amazon. But no. Also included was each item wrapped in a thin-plastic bag (plastic bags are not reused by Amazon, but we are slowly using them as doggy-bags). And included for each perishable item was an encasement of plastic ice-packs (ice-packs are not reused by Amazon, but now I have a freezer full of them).

The strange thing about this process is that I’ve been reusing my personal grocery bags for over a decade. In fact, Los Angeles charges per bag if you forget yours. It’s a good process and minimizes the number of bags that make it to our sewer systems and into the ocean. I imagine in a few years there will be a class-action suit against Amazon for these current practices.

Well, although it was nice to wake up to fresh groceries, but instead I’ll continue to skate down the block and get my shopping from Ralph.


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