Another Batch Done… And just in time for the holidays.

I just concluded the posttest for my Fall semester courses. The response rate was about what I expected with a little over 40 valid surveys. I haven’t touched the data as of yet, but I did a quick perusal (can you peruse something quickly?) and found the responses to be complete, which is a relief.

I am still yet to link pretest and posttest data for confidentiality purposes, but I aim to do that this Spring. I have been told that coming up with a simple coding scheme is efficient enough, but I am just so skeptical about it, since I am sure I can figure out who is who when I rely on a portion of their phone number / middle initial / town they grew up in. And what is more important, ensuring anonymity, or ensuring privacy? Some would say the former, others the later. We’ll see how I figure this one out in the Spring.

A good thing is that I am still able to tie system usage with grades. And I have the feeling my results will be surprising this go around. For starters, one of the sections using my software is an online course, while the other is not. This will make for interesting comparisons for sure. But aside from that, I am much more interested in seeing if Twitter had any impact for facilitating interaction among my students. I can’t help but feel it did, but I won’t know for sure until I analyze the data.

With the deadline for AMCIS fast approaching (Feb 1), I am hoping to crank out a paper next week. Actually, make that two papers, since I still need to resubmit my journal paper for JISE.

But first…. Let’s finish grading before Christmas, shall we…

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