Get lost Apple Maps! Wait, you already did.

It is simply amazing that in order to punish the wolves, Apple is willing to maim the flock. Yet, to think about Google as a ‘wolf’ is somewhat strange. Sure, Google is Apple’s competitor when it comes to phones and other services, but with Google Maps, Google has always come across as somewhat benevolent.

Google Maps first launched in early 2005 and since then, a full 7 years of expansion and development, has turned into a powerful, free-to-use application which provides locations on just about every landmark and road in the U.S., even across the globe. The science and engineering behind Google Maps is amazing and the open application programming interface allows anyone to build atop Google Maps.

Yet when iOS 6 was released, there was no signs of Google Maps, an application, staple even, of the iPhone since it launched in 2007.

And critics are raving about the new Apple Maps. Wait, raving is not the right word. Critics are blasting the new Apple Maps, some saying that Steve Jobs would never have allowed such an inferior product go live.

I even heard from one iOS user that they planned to march right back to the Apple Store in NYC and return their new iPhone, but the directions from Apple Maps kept getting them lost.

Shame on you Apple… Again!

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