Fresh Start on SocialXYZ

Welcome to my first personal blog post in a while.

It may be somewhat ironic to require my students to post blog content for courses, while not maintaining a blog myself. But I do practice what I preach, or at least I used to… For a while I was blogging about my academic experience while getting my PhD. I blogged about my journeys across Europe and my experience driving the 5 freeway @ dawn to go surfing. I blogged about getting my haircut for the holidays and the trepidation of presenting research for the first time. This was back in 2007. Wow! But even before all that I was blogging about life and everything in between. I actually think that blog is still up since it’s on blogspot. I sometimes fear it will never go away.

But here I am with SocialXYZ, a domain I use to run different social media experiments in the classroom. And since this is more focused on this area of research, I will try and keep the material on or related to social media research. And I will do my best to keep the content current. If I find I am not able to maintain a steady influx of new material, I will deactivate the blog.

So here goes…

Oh, and for those wanderers wanting to know who is actually behind the blog, you can check for the domain ownership, or you can check out to read more about me…


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