Project Fi

About a year back I made the post, “Verizon, I can’t hear anybody now” after moving into my new apartment and receiving zero signal. My biggest gripe with Verizon (outside their exorbitant cost) has always been that they don’t allow calls/messages over wi-fi. As I understand it, this is also the case with AT&T. And it was a feature I quickly missed after switching from Sprint in 2013.

Well, my cellular plan with Verizon expired last week and I am super-excited to change carriers. In anticipation of this fact, I requested access to the invitation-only Google Project Fi back in April… And now, so it seems, my hopes are becoming realized and I can expect my invitation in 1-2 weeks.

You can read more about Project Fi here.

So far, I have heard positive reviews about the service (Washington Post Review) and I am looking forward to making calls and sending messages via wi-fi once again. I am also looking forward to a more realistic pricing plan, which refunds for unused data.

And to think I was in a T-Mobile store on Monday about to switch carriers when I checked my Fi invite status to see that I only have 1-2 weeks longer before my invite 🙂

Stay tuned for more!

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