Verizon, I can’t hear anybody now

And then I settled into my new apartment, which is a cozy one bedroom in Ventura, CA.

A frustrating fact is that I do not seem to be receiving Verizon cellular signals from my apartment (even when my phone is on the windowsill. I guess, in a way, it is also comforting that my brainwaves are not being bombarded with radio and micro waves. But I am paying for those non-ionizing waves, so it would be nice to receive them in a consistent fashion. I’m not in the mountains or far enough away from civilization to warrant such poor reception.

The good news is that I do have high-speed internet and can make phone calls via Google Voice or Skype, but I have found that my battery drains faster as it continually picks up and loses it’s cell connection. And text messaging is a futile battle.

I hear there is a booster I can pick up for $20. Just $20 bucks, right? Nickel and dimes… Nickel and dime…

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