Google+ Instant

I recently noticed a pretty neat, yet scary, feature of Google+.

I was riding my bike through downtown Brooklyn when I stopped to take a picture of the Quay St. sign. Just the other week I was playing a friend in Words With Friends when he killed me on a triple triple, which is what I call hitting a triple letter on a triple word score, with the word QUAY. After he put me down about 100 points, I text him, “what is a quay?” Not to digress too much, I took this picture of Quay St. (find yours here: Quay St., NYC,NY).

I then noticed a notification on my Google+ account. Right now I don’t have too many friends, so I was curious. As it turns out, it was my picture of Quay St. uploaded to my Google+ account. The good news is that it doesn’t upload and share with your circles. The bad news is that it will upload almost any picture you take with your smartphone.

All in all, a pretty neat feature, but I can definitely see the downside…

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