New Elgg Installation on

I just finished most, if not all, the changes for my next experiment this fall.

My research took a slight detour after I found out that Google+ doesn’t play nice with Blogger, Google’s blogging engine. I thought it would work great in the classroom where students could decide who in their circles they wanted to share information with. Unfortunately, there would be a bit more development work on my end to get this to work correctly. This is especially a bummer because it’s always nice to be the first to experiment with a new technology. C’este la vie.

So, instead, I am going with the latest version of Elgg, with some personal add-ons of course. While I don’t want to dish out all of my changes, since it’s work in progress research, I am integrating the platform once again with Twitter and plan to create a more interactive Twitter experience for the classroom.

Should be fun. We’ll see.

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