Update on Fall Elgg Installation on SocialXYZ

A brief update to my previous post, New Elgg Installation on fsc.SocialXYZ.com.

I am conducting a very interesting study that looks to compare a hybrid class with an online class. The course title is the same, but I have the feeling the perceptions of the software will be quite drastic. Additionally, I have the sneaking suspicion that students in my online course will be turned off by the initial complexity of linking SocialXYZ with Twitter. Granted, the process is not exactly straightforward, but I did my best to minimize the number of integration steps, by allowing students to tweet directly from SocialXYZ.

That said, I feel the start of the semester went nicely. I currently have 50 active participants posting interesting content to the site. From these 50 participants, 45 have helped complete a pretest, which is a fantastic response rate, especially for my online class. The survey is anonymous and I cannot identify who responds and who doesn’t, so the fact that I was able to achieve a 90% response rate is amazing. As for the data, I have no intentions of looking at it prior to the end of the semester, but I look forward to the responses…


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