Web Intelligence Journal

My colleagues and I recently published our article, “Real-Time Visualization to Improve Quality in Computer Mediated Communication,” in Web Intelligence. Below is the word cloud of the paper. Below that is the abstract and citation.

Abstract. Within conversational media, how others perceive contributions affects his or her interactions with those contributions. This research explores a novel addition to conversational software, one that provides real-time assessment of quality across user contributions. An analysis of 2,157 online conversations examined attributes of quality, including lexical complexity and prompt-specific vocabulary. These factors helped to inform the redesign of an existing asynchronous online discussion board (AOD). More specifically, a real-time quality analyzer was constructed, which provides users with a visual breakdown of their post in relation to the overall group discussion thread. An experiment across two populations was performed and results found that the system increased overall levels of quality in conversations, while also increasing quality interactions across the system. The results were supplemented with survey data and a social network analysis (SNA), which discovered higher levels of system satisfaction and group cohesion.

B. Thoms, E. Eryilmaz, N. Dubin, R. Hernandez, S. Colon-Cerezo, “Real-Time Visualization to Improve Quality in Computer Mediated Communication,” Web Intelligence, v18(1), 2020.